How to Choose Chicken Type

Chicken Variety and Chicken Family

A variety of chicken is a race or family of chickens that have similarities in general size, shape or profile, and talent. All chicken variety will have the same characteristics, namely: skin color, this variety is divided into several classes. A lot of chicken class in general be given a name that is associated with the place of origin, such as the American, Asiatic, English, Mediteranian, and the like. You can choose chicken type what you want to farm its depend on your environment condition, what chicken type you choose should be stand to the chicken diseases in your place. For certain place must be any suitable chicken type. For all chicken usually have similar chicken feed can use.

To start build a small business in the chicken farm, there are three types of varieties that can be selected based on the purpose of farming of, ie: layer chickens, broiler or chicken meat, or chicken for both purposes.

Layer chicken - Chicken body is relatively small. Production of eggs between 250 to 280 pcs per year. Eggs produced in the first at the age of 5 months and will continue to produce eggs until reaching age 10 - 12 years. Generally, egg production will be the best in the first year start laying chickens. Egg production in the following years usually will decrease.

Broiler - Chicken Cornish Rock cross broiler is one of the best for broiler chicken kind. This is the result of the chicken cross from Cornish and Plymouth Rock. Other quite well broiler is the type of race Brahmas, Cochins, and Cornish. Good broiler chickens need of about two kilograms of chicken feed consumed to produce one kilogram body weight. Hen, generally sell to market at weight about one three-quarters to two and a half kg in weight, while cock between three to four kg. Faster Chicken growth then more economic growth maintained.

Multipurpose Chicken – This Chicken type is a mix between chicken layer and broiler. Dominiques, Plymouth Rocks, Sussex, Orpington, and is Wynadottes some chicken from the chicken for multipurpose. Traditional chicken are including of this type. This chicken eggs have brown color and take care of their own children. In general, they do not produce as soon as the body weight of broiler and also does not produce eggs of layer chickens. Characteristic of this Chicken as a chicken kept in the backyard of the home, or called as domestic chicken. Chicken breeder get eggs for daily consumption and meat additionally that occasionally get of the excess amount of cock and poultry-old chickens that are not productive anymore.

There are many type of chicken, look on the below picture of each type of chicken:

Buff orpington chicken

Buff Orpington

Barred Rock Chicken

Barred Rock

Golden Comet Chicken

Golden Comet

Black Giant Chicken

Black Giant

Cochin Chicken

Cochin Chicken

Silver Laced Chicken

Silver Laced

Wyandotle Chicken

Wyandotle Chicken

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