How to Choose Chicken Type

Chicken Variety and Chicken Family
A variety of chicken is a race or family of chickens that have similarities in general size, shape or profile, and talent. All chicken variety will have the same characteristics, namely: skin color, this variety is divided into several classes. A lot of chicken class in general be given a name that is associated with the place of origin, such as the American, Asiatic, English, Mediteranian, and the like. You can choose chicken type what you want to farm its depend on your environment condition, what chicken type you choose should be stand to the chicken diseases in your place. For certain place must be any suitable chicken type. For all chicken usually have similar chicken feed can use.

To start build a small business in the chicken farm, there are three types of varieties that can be selected based on the purpose of farming of, ie: layer chickens, broiler or chicken meat, or chicken for both purposes.

Layer chicken - Chicken body is relatively small…

Chicken Feed Formula

Chicken Feed Recipe or Formula
Problematic on Chicken Farm is the prices of chicken feed is too expensive make farmer can’t get benefit from their farming. For large farming they can negotiate the price of chicken feed from industry directly so they can have low price for chicken feed. Big farming still can have high benefit of their farming even their product also can down too low for sell in huge party, if they don’t have market theirown.

To produce chicken feed by yourself, you need several raw materials as follows:Corn and soybean meal: May be many base raw material to produce chicken feed but the usual use soybean meal and bran. Corn and soybean meal can provided in huge quantity and bran is a waste of rice mill that still content high protein.Fish-meat or Meat meal: Additional protein for chicken feed need animal protein that can be taken from fish-meat or meat meal. Beside animal protein fish-meat and meat meal also provide calcium and phosphorous says about 2 percent on it. I…

Chicken Pox

Chicken Pox Disease
Chickenpox or chicken pox is not a chicken diseases, but chicken pox is a disease that cause by infection of varicella zoster virus (VZV). It generally starts with a vesicular skin rash, person who get this diseases will feel itchy raw pockmarks, small open sores.

This diseases can spread through people to people by direct contact or by air because coughing or sneezing, also can spread from contact to secretions. Following primary infection there is usually lifelong protective immunity from further episodes of chickenpox. Chickenpox has an incubation period of 10 to 21 days, but rarely fatal and generally more severe in adult people than in children. The most dangerous if chicken pox disease is infected to pregnant women and those with a suppressed immune system are at highest risk of serious complication. Further effect of this disease if late to be treated can cause late complication of chicken pox is shingles.

Avoid from this viruses infection are always give to…

Chicken and Egg

Chicken and Egg What is the first
Chicken and Egg often to give a difficult condition of something that can called as "Buah Simalakama". If someone the first there is unavoid condition taken, if take the others will facing of other unavoid condition. Chicken and Egg also can draw about the condition that interrelated each others like the one condition that will describe here.

On the internet marketing the condition of page rank of certain web or certain part of blog address will be affected to the marketing successful. PageRank and Traffic, pagerank will effect to the traffic that will come to that site but traffic also will effect for increasing the page-rank of certain site. If certain site have high traffic will creat many inbound link to those site, so this condition actually will effect to each others.

This conditions is actually the rule of SEO marketing, search engine will more recognize site that often get traffic, either from search engine itself or from other webs…

Avian Bird Flu

Avian Bird Flu Disease
This chicken disease is influenza like as in human that hosted by bird or chicken. Actually, this virus can’t infect mammal at the first, but after mutation the virus can infect mammal like human, monkey, and other mammal. Firs identify that people infected by Avian bird flu was in the early of 1900s and now have been spread all over the world.

Have known along about 1997 ago that the strain of H5N1-type of Avian influenza virus can merge a source of pandemic. This strain can infect mammal such pigs (swine), horses, seals, whales and human. Flu virus that infect to swine then develop itself into a stronger virus called as swine flu, and flu virus that infect to bird become avian bird flu.

This avian flu virus sometime spread very fast if the air condition is suitable for the life rather long in air for this virus. By the winds blow this virus spread to their suitable environment and will infect every body. Beside avian bird flu can attack human, this virus also…

Chicken Diseases

Many Kind of Chicken Diseases
If you want to build a chicken farm you must know of many kind of chicken diseases. Some of chicken diseases can be cured but many of chicken diseases can't be cured or relative hard to be cured or too expensive to be cured.
Aspergillosis , diseases that cause by AspergilusAvian influenza (bird flu) - most well-known chicken-related diseaseBlackhead disease: Blackhead disease (also known simply as blackhead) is a commercially important avian disease that affects chickens, turkeys and other poultry.BotulismCage Layer FatigueChicken Moronic DiseaseCoccidiosisColdsCrop boundCrop Mycosis / Trhush - Moniliasis - characterized by whitish thickened areas of the crop and proventriculus, erosions in the gizzard, and inflammation of the vent area.Egg boundErysipelasFatty Liver Hemorrhagic Syndrome: Fatty Liver Hemorrhagic Syndrome is a disease that affects the liver of chickens and other birds.Fowl CholeraFowl pox: Fowlpox is a worldwide disease of poultry caus…

Chicken Type

Many Kind of Chicken
There are many kinds of Chicken, the different chicken can see through the combs type. The anatomy of a chicken is rather similar. There are eight distinctive types of combs on chickens and roosters: rose, strawberry, silkiest, single, cushion, buttercup, pea, and V-shaped.

The Rose is a solid, broad and nearly flat comb on top. It is a low, fleshly comb that concludes in a well-developed tapering spike at the back. It may turn upward as in Hamburg breeds, be nearly horizontal as in Rose Comb Leghorn breeds, or follow the contour of the head as in Wyandotte breeds. The top surface of the main part should be slightly convex and studded with small rounded protuberances. The general shape varies in the different breeds.

The Strawberry is a low comb that is set well-forward. The shape and surface resemble the outer part of half a strawberry with a large end nearest the beak of the chicken. The Strawberry is a low comb that is set well-forward. The shape and surface …

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